We are the Kouns family, a family of 6 pretty great people! :)

Our family business started 12 years ago, as a way for me (Sarah) to make extra money as a pet sitter/dog walker while being a stay at home mom.

I knew I wanted to work with dogs, after overcoming and learning so much from our own German Shepherd, Precious. Precious loved her family, and took her job of nanny very seriously. Her protective instincts grew and she became aggressive towards people and small dogs. We hired a dog trainer to help us, help her. We had hope that if we did as the trainer said, Precious would be able to relax and enjoy life. After much trial and error, the trainer came out and told us that Precious was good for nothing more than a warehouse protection dog.

That was devastating news to our family. I knew she was more than that, and wouldn't dream of letting her live in that environment. So I read so many books, called trainers across the country, and worked very hard at figuring out how to get Precious over this hump. To turn a already long story into a short story :) Precious became a beautiful adult dog, with such beautiful relaxed personality. She greeted new clients and welcomed all sizes of visitors before her passing in 2012. 

Through that learning and pet sitting adventure, God placed several wonderful people in our lives. They encouraged us to start our dog boarding business as soon as we had purchased our family farm in McLouth KS. We turned Grandpa's old barn into a wonderful kennel, it was a great start and bridge to where we are now. After 6 years of raising, growing our family and business, our home and kennel were getting too small. In 2015 we came across this beautiful property in which we now live,  and built a new building for our dog guest to stay in.

Of course a lot of life has happened in the past 12 years, and we couldn't feel more blessed. The people, and dogs we have had the honor of getting to know is beyond what I thought would come out of walking dogs with my 3 small children all those years ago. 

I haven't had to advertise in 10 years, all our growth is from word of mouth from satisfied clients who trust us with their valuable puppies. Even though we have grown year by year, we still hold true to our roots. We are still small (14 dog pens), and do not hire outside staff. We feel by keeping our guest count low, and by keeping our own eyes on each guest, we can catch any issues that might arise. We can also taylor our service to each dog because each dog is unique.

In between loving on our guest, we love learning and working with 5 bee hives, shuttling 4 kids around to all their kid things, loving our own 3 dogs, and working on our beautiful property. Jason and I both enjoy trying to model a healthy lifestyle by exercising daily with running and weightlifting. We enjoy staying involved with our church and community, and help whenever we possible.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us, we look forward to serving your family.

Sarah Kouns

"For I know the plans I have for you." declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11